Sample Chambers In/Out Board

Below you can see the in/out status of individuals.
You can quickly change the status of a person by clicking their name or comment. You can also select a specific status from the drop down list. If you want you can add a comment using the form below the list. Finally, you can sort the list by clicking one of the headings (except mail).

You may search for a particular person's status by entering their name (or part of it) here and clicking Search

Phone  Mail  Name *Status  Comment  Estimated Return  Last Changed  
email Coldson, Phil
- 11 Aug / 00:43
email Fay, Melinda
- 10 Aug / 16:32
email Fiss, Leo
- 11 Aug / 03:28
email Johnsun, Daisy
- 10 Aug / 17:05
email Petersan, Mike
- 11 Aug / 01:53
email Simons, Gemma
- 10 Aug / 14:21
email Smith, John
- 11 Aug / 02:35
email Word, Grant
- 10 Aug / 19:01

Click a name,status,comment to change a person's status. This page will refresh every 60 seconds. Click here to refresh it now.

Use a custom comment by using the form below
NameStatusCommentEstimated return